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Neatstat.com provides stats like website worth, daily pageview, and ad revenue. with this site you can also knew what is your site pagerank, alexa rank, indexed links, backlinks, whois and server location, and you can easily add your website info at your website, This helps in evaluating any website. This information can used in many ways, during buy or sell, advertising on that site. This is a FREE sevice and might not be the most accurate data but definitely a good estimate.

How its work? Neatstat.com contains a collection of actual number of pageview from other websites. The visitor data is combined with information about number of links that point towards the site, country, Alexa ranking and other data that is available on-line. All this information has been used to make a formula that uses the information that is available on-line to estimate the number of pageviews, its worth and possible daily incom that the site has.